Bridge to IELTS. Student's Book

Bridge to IELTS. Student's Book

Издательство: National Geographic Learning (Heinle Cengage Learning)



Автор: Harrison L. Hutchison S

ISBN: 9781133318941

Серия: Bridge to IELTS

Уровень: B1 (Intermediate)

Год выпуска: 2012

Комплектация: Учебник

Наличие: В наличии

Цена: 1812.00 р.

Bridge to IELTS is designed for students who want to start an IELTS preparatory course. The 120 hour course takes students at Pre-Intermediate level up to Intermediate level by systematically working on: - a core grammar and vocabulary syllabus - skills development - study skill development - knowledge of the IELTS exam. By the end of the course students should have the knowledge, skills and confidence to embark on an IELTS preparatory course.