Frozen: Meet Anna (Reading, Level 1)

Frozen: Meet Anna  (Reading, Level 1)

Издательство: Scholastic



Переплет: Твердый

ISBN: 9781407163000

Серия: Disney Learning

Уровень: A1 (Beginner-Elementary)

Год выпуска: 2015

Комплектация: Книга

Язык: английский

Наличие: В наличии

Цена: 400.00 р.

Read about the face behind the Frozen story: Anna, the brave and kind princess who saved a kingdom with her love. Anna is very different from her big sister Elsa. Anna enjoys bright colours and fun and games. Elsa likes silence and snow. As they grow up, the sisters grow apart. Can they make up and have some fun together?


  • A charming first Frozen story to delight little fans
  • Simple sentences and short phrases to build reading skills
  • Level 1 story for brand new readers learning the basics
  • Beautiful colour artwork by Disney artist Brittney Lee